Happy Birthday Dad!

Richard C. Olson

Richard C. Olson

This picture was taken in Canada on the annual fishing trip, one of the last times he made the long journey to the North woods. It was one of his favorite adventures of the year, one he rarely missed over the course of  40 years. He liked to heave the man lures, as he called them, the big musky lures that would crash into the water like a large rock dropped from the heavens all in the hopes of stirring the the monster northern pike hiding in the weed beds.

It still seems unfathomable that my dad is no longer with us. One day he was full of energy then diagnosed with cancer then wheelchair bound then we were saying a tearful farewell as the military contingent played taps on their bugles. To this day, that song brings tears to my eyes.

Happy Birthday Dad. I love you. We all miss you.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. Sorry to hear that he is no longer with you and his family. A great man loved by so many. He will always be alive in the hearts and memory of his love ones. Happy Birthday to your dad!

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