City Center

The city center is a bustle of activity in the latter parts of the day peaking in the evening as the need for food peaks drawing the tourists to the many restaurants. We were strolling past the outdoor cafes when I was asked, in German if I spoke German. I answered, “Nine” which is no…

My Favorite Doorway

Of all the doors I photographed in Chefchaouen, this one at the entrance to the guest house was my favorite. I like the designs and the mixture of white and blue. I also like the pattern of rocks making up the entrance way. For some reason, this setup makes me think of Christmas.

Blue Becomes Purple

During the night, artificial lights illuminate the streets of the Blue City. The temperature of the light turns the blue walls purple to the naked eye, a color more pronounced in pictures. The city took on an otherworldly feel after dark.

Flower Pots

Photos of this street are used to show the beauty of Chefchaouen in travel brochures. Unlike mine, those are without shadow. They were taken in an even cast of light. During my visit, the skies were clear, shadows abounded.

Narrow Streets of Cobblestone

The cobblestone nature of the streets and the thinness in the soles of my shoes meant I could feel every nuance of the interwoven stones making up the streets. In some areas, vendors hung their wares on the walls creating a colorful path for our walks. As much as I liked the blue, blue is…