Couple @ Sunset

The last picture of the day caught the last colors of the day. I zippered up my coat to fend off the slowly approaching chill and enjoyed the color of the sunset. I was hoping to add something to the foreground. Perhaps a walker. Perhaps a biker. This couple stopped and turned back to enjoy…

People Need To Relax

I was sitting on the edge of the walkway enjoying some of the last rays of the sun when I saw this shirt with the slogan, “People Need To Relax“. It was fitting for the day for I didn’t see anyone that appeared to be in a hurry. He was preaching to the choir.

Between The Trees

My afternoon by the Zugersee saw no end to couples in love. She laid her head on his shoulder. A simple move, a tender move. It tells me she feels safe. It tells me she feels comfortable. It tells me she feels loved.

The Minstrel

The music of the minstrel was apropos for the scene…old school accordion and horn in the old town section of Zug. People stood around on the cobblestoned road listening to his range of tunes. I do enjoy street musicians. They add atmosphere to concrete, steel and glass structures personalizing what is otherwise vacuous space.