Below the Yellow

There were many yellow flowers adorning the landscape during our trip. We saw them lining the highway. We saw them growing wild near the bridges. There were at least 5 different types of flowers. This was the only one I found providing a good opportunity to shoot from below with sky and cloud in the…

Et Tu, Brute? – A Sad Memory

Racism is alive and well in Central Indiana. Indiana was a border state during the American Civil War residing North of the border, the side opposed to slavery. To see this racist sentiment saddens me. I am particularly alarmed by racism as I am married outside my race. My children are biracial born in the…

We Were Here!

The graffiti in the bridges were relatively new which tells me the wood has been replaced, probably many times since these bridges were originally built. For the most part, it was the names of people along with professions of immortal love. We also found a swastika with the words hate all. I refused to grant…

The Bur Truss

The Engineer/Woodworker in me was drawn as much to the structure of the bridge as the artist in me to the aesthetics. The arched wood is part of a design known as a Bur Truss. It’s a very strong structure.

Monochrome Monday: Back in the Day

The bridges were all old, most over 100 years when originally built. it appeared most of the original wood had been replaced for the decades. I created this picture for an older look harkening back to the days when cameras were in their youth and pictures faded over time.

Bridge & Stream

The bridges cross over streams. Many were surrounded by vegetation making it difficult to see them from below. The area around this one was maintained allowing for visitors to see it from below.