Carrying Prayers to Heaven

I was hoping there would be a sky full of these hot air balloons but there was only a few. A cradle holds a candle which heats the air, expanding the balloon and it rises into the sky. In my mind, it was carrying prayers to heaven. Advertisements

The Ponytail

I believe the ponytail on this many means he is a Brahmin priest. But, I am not totally sure. It is a hairstyle that would have been at home in the punk / new wave 80s in the US and the UK.

Real or Fake?

When I was in Kathmandu, there were men dressed like this posing as priests to separate tourists from their cash for the opportunity to photograph them. I am not sure if these are real or fake priests. They did ask me to take a picture of them in exchange for rupees so my suspicions lie…

Crimson Soles

I saw a few women with crimson feet walking on the ghats along the Ganga (Ganges). I don’t know the reason for the coloring though I suspect it is associated with their faith. I did like the color contrast.


India is a country that tends to be modest when it comes to exposing female flesh. When I lived in India, women would go swimming in the pool with long shorts and at minimum a t-shirt sometimes with long sleeves. So, I was surprised to see this woman bathing topless in the Ganga.