Natural Frames 2

The Amber Fort in Jaipur is a massive structure with a labyrinth of rooms and corridors. One of the great court yards contains a few of these openings. I was able to catch these two gentlemen mid conversation from the opposite side of the court yard. Advertisements

Inside or Outside?

Too often we think the grass is greener on the other side. Or, as in this case above, the blue beauty lies beyond me. This is because we too often focus on what is out of reach instead of what is within. Polishing our inner life reveals beauty inside and out. This is, as the Navajo…


This was taken at Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. It is a former palace with many courtyards, rooms, and doorways. We arrived fairly early in the day so had the place mostly to ourselves. It is so complex it would make a great place for an extended game of hide and seek.

The National Bird

The National bird of India is the Peacock. We saw quite a few of them in Jaipur and Madurai. This beauty was in the wilds of Jaipur. We saw him and others on the road to the otherworldly monkey temple. While at the palace in Jaipur, we saw the designs of the peacock painted on…

The Guided Tourist

This woman chose to have a guide for her tour of the fort. The guides hang out at the entrance accosting tourists to sell their services. There seems to be no rules for who can be a guide so choosing one is hit or miss at best. The person may actually be an educated guide…

The Solo Tourist

The Amber Fort was crowded with visitors. The deeper into the fort the fewer the visitors we encountered. This woman with the backpack took a rest in one of the inner courtyards. The entire courtyard had this yellowish tint.

Pink Pink

Jaipur seemed to have the most vivid saris. Perhaps it’s because Jaipur is a desert area of mostly muted colors and the people need vivid colors for mental balance. This woman was walking away from a sacred Hindu place of worship near the Chand Baori step well. I love the shock of pink against the stones.