Crashing Water

This waterfall was in the canyon known as the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We had to take a hike of a couple of miles for this spectacular view. The roar careened through the canyon. We were not sure what caused the green stripe at the top of the falls. Advertisements

The Old West Ghost

Seeing the herds of buffalo felt like a scene out of the Old West when the great beasts roamed the plains. I have only had the opportunity to see the Old West in movies. Standing here, watching them graze, I felt transported back to days gone past. For an instant, when the awe subsided, I…

Monochrome Monday: Geyser Pool

The hots springs and geysers of Yellowstone National Park were a wonder. Grand Prismatic Spring was one of the most beautiful of all. To assist us tourists, the National Park Service built walkways allowing close up views. Without these walkways, the people would have had to walk through some very hot water. This would have…

NPS Horse

Close to the end of our excursions in Wyoming, on the way out of Grand Tetons National Park, the road wound past a group of grazing horses. On the flank is branded NPS which leads me to believe they are the property of the National Park Service. I’m typically not a horse guy but was…

Flower & Mountain

There were quite a few wildflowers to be seen as we drove through Grand Teton National Park, enough that I could have spent a few hours taking pictures. Alas, we still had quite a few miles to go to reach our destination. This field included these yellows along with purples and whites.

Opal Pool

The Opal Pool is currently dormant, not being fed by heated underground springs, so the pool did not have a steady stream of vapor hiding it’s colors allowing me to capture the lovely blue along with the reflections of some distant clouds.  Yellowstone experiences on the order of 1000 earthquakes a year, most which are…

Grand Prismatic Pool #2

This picture of Prismatic Pool provides a slightly better view of the inner pool colors thanks to a breeze that brushed aside the steam. I would love to have been able to take a picture totally devoid of the steam but, alas, Mother Nature chose not to comply with my wishes.