Heart jrz

This sign was at the intersection of the main border crossing street and the Juarez town square which, of course, was home to a church. I must say I did not love Juarez. I always felt uneasy like danger was lurking around every corner. Especially, when I saw Policia carrying machine guns while patrolling the…

Juarez The Tasty

We ate at a local restaurant, three tacos each, I spiced mine with chile arbol. And one bottle of coke for a grand total of only $5 USD. And that was probably an elevated price for us visitors from the US. I was red from the temperature heat not the spiciness of the chile suace.

Border Paintings

While in El Paso, we decided to take a walk into Juarez, Mexico. There was some beautiful street art on the Mexico side that I had to shoot through the chain link fencing. There was also some disparaging comments regarding Trump and his mythical wall the sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agreed.