The Fire Pit

The people changed, the accommodations changed. One thing that was consistent for the four decades plus four years was a place for a fire around which conversations flowed effortlessly. A group portrait around the sacred pit seemed appropriate. Advertisements

Ashes to Ashes

17 March 2018 was our last visit to the land that has been in the family for 44 years. The sale will be finalized in a couple of weeks. The living will never return, part of my father will never leave. We sprinkled some of his ashes on this land he loved.

Monochrome Monday: Family

We spent Saturday cleaning out the Summer Cabin…for the last time. It is being sold with the closing happening later in March. The land was in the family since 1973 and was home to many joyous memories for 4 generations beginning with my Parents and ending with great-grandchildren. This is the original cast and the…

The Ponytail

I believe the ponytail on this many means he is a Brahmin priest. But, I am not totally sure. It is a hairstyle that would have been at home in the punk / new wave 80s in the US and the UK.

Real or Fake?

When I was in Kathmandu, there were men dressed like this posing as priests to separate tourists from their cash for the opportunity to photograph them. I am not sure if these are real or fake priests. They did ask me to take a picture of them in exchange for rupees so my suspicions lie…