Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

I have lived in the city long enough that few things surprise me anymore. Then today, out for an early morning 20 miler on my bicycle, I stopped by the Bean to people watch. And what do I see, this woman working with a photographer. And I am surprised by the variety of people that…

Traditional Fishermen

There were quite a few traditional fishermen on the water. They fished with nets or a simple string and hook. The boats had outriggers on both sides so I imagine there were times it was difficult landing the fish. They had no motors so getting home in inclement weather must be an arduous undertaking

The Man In Black

Few things are more relaxing than chillin’ on a slow boat to white sand beaches on a calm sea. I’m wearing longs sleeves for sun protection which I will need while snorkeling and watching the fish. Saw a Puffer Fish this trip and a sea snake. Unbeknown to me, my shirt slid up a bit…

Juarez The Tasty

We ate at a local restaurant, three tacos each, I spiced mine with chile arbol. And one bottle of coke for a grand total of only $5 USD. And that was probably an elevated price for us visitors from the US. I was red from the temperature heat not the spiciness of the chile suace.


We undertook two significant hikes. The first was one mile and had sigificant vegetation. The second was 5 miles and was almost all white sand and dunes. There was so much bright white there were times I had difficulty focusing.