A Money Offering

A religious festival would not be a religious festival if there were not an offering being taken. My years in the Catholic church and the money grubbing Televangelists lining their pockets and building personal mansions at the expense of the gullible have made me a cynic in this regard. Advertisements

Faces in the Crowd III

There were a number of women with shaved heads interspersed throughout the crowd. The following day we saw women in the process of getting their heads shaved with a straight-edged razor along the shores of the river Ganga. I found a clip online explaining the rationale. “Head shaving is an important, holy custom in India…

Faces in the Crowd 1

One of my favorite cultural aspects of Incredible India is the colorful clothing and the use of colors to decorate the face during festivals. I don’t know what the red stripe through her hair and down her nose represents but I do find it interesting.

Dev Deepawali Festival

We arrived in Varanasi just in time for the start of the Dev Deepawali festival. It is a festival celebrating the victory of Lord Shiva over demon Tripurasur. Varanasi is one of the oldest and is identified as the holiest city in all of India. On the first night, we merged with the sweaty throngs to feel the…