Real or Fake?

When I was in Kathmandu, there were men dressed like this posing as priests to separate tourists from their cash for the opportunity to photograph them. I am not sure if these are real or fake priests. They did ask me to take a picture of them in exchange for rupees so my suspicions lie…

Crimson Soles

I saw a few women with crimson feet walking on the ghats along the Ganga (Ganges). I don’t know the reason for the coloring though I suspect it is associated with their faith. I did like the color contrast.


India is a country that tends to be modest when it comes to exposing female flesh. When I lived in India, women would go swimming in the pool with long shorts and at minimum a t-shirt sometimes with long sleeves. So, I was surprised to see this woman bathing topless in the Ganga.

Praying at the Ganga

This lady was one of the ones we saw getting her head shaved on the shores of the Ganga. After her head shaving, she entered into prayer. I find it interesting that a good many religions pray with their hands placed palms together in front of themselves with the fingers pointed skyward.