Monochrome Monday: The White Door

  Across the street from where I wait for the bus on the way home from work, there is a white door across which many pedestrians pass on their way to and from the elevated train, a light rail, known in Chicago as the “L”. When the opportunity arises, I sit in the bus shelter…

My Tables Are Gone

Most mornings I arrive outside my office by 6:30 am where I sit and write at the covered tables on the grounds of the Daley Center. They are up only part of the year for the weather in Chicago turns bitter. This morning the workers shooed me away so they could dismantle and put them away…

Twinkling Flowers

It was late in my riding season, an unusually warm October day. A few flowers were still in bloom. I was shooting from below, shooting blind, camera set on rapid fire as I moved it slightly hoping for one shot I liked. This is it.

Bejeweled Man

The best thing about riding the Chicago ‘L’ is the variety of people one encounters. This gentleman was wearing more jewelry in one sitting than I have owned my entire life. He also sported a very interesting cane.