One Tin Soldier

Fighter Jet

I took a trip out to Virginia to visit my daughter. There is really no other reason I would take a trip to visit the state. There are a number of military bases in the area from which planes and ships regularly dispatched. The distant roar of the jets is the first thing one hears. Look toward the source of the sound and one sees empty sky. The jet has already vacated the space.

Growing up, Billy Jack was an American mythology, hero movie.The American mythology I mean is the image of the rugged individual saving the day, the Lone Ranger, Superman, a Cowboy on the plane wrangling steers. Billy stood up against a corrupt conservative system (in today’s parlance Trumper supporters) to protect a group of artsy types (Liberals). This lone plane reminds me of that mythology. The theme song to the movie is ‘One Tin Soldier’ thus the title of this blog piece.

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