The Torment Of Cuauhtémoc

The Torment Of Cuauhtémoc

This powerful painting is titled The Torment Of Cuauhtémoc, 1950 by David Alfaro Siqueiros. I don’t know if this depicts a true historical occurrence or is an aggregation of Spaniard horrors forced upon the indigenous peoples.The child on the left side has had her hands cut off. It was a practice of Cristopher Columbus to cut the hands off of people if they did not bring him their monthly tax of gold so the painting does depict a reality. The Spanish claimed to represent the Christian God to the Aztec and claimed a desire to save souls from eternal fire and damnation. In reality, they had a maniacal desire for gold, a substance the Aztec had in abundance.

Here Cuauhtémoc is already in hells fire. I wonder if the irony was lost on the Spanish. The horrors that man will put onto other humans to maximize profit sickens me.


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