Monochrome Monday: Sacred & Profane

Catedral Metropolitana

This is one of the first pictures I took upon arriving in Mexico City to meet two of my children. I was awestruck with the church so took a quite a few pictures of the beautiful erection to God. It was finished in 1813 after almost 300 years of construction. Not surprisingly, the Church chose to make a statement with it’s location, situating it atop the former Aztec sacred precinct making it at once sacred and profane.

Millions upon millions of pesos were spent to build and to maintain the structure. I guess some believe it’s more important to feed people spiritually while they starve physically. Although, I don’t believe a magnificent structure is necessary to feed spiritual hunger. My guess is the poor would understand the love of God more from food loving and sacrificially distributed by the Church than they would from a large structure.


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