Monochrome Monday: Croc Teeth

As frightening as the Jaguar or the Puma, the Croc spikes my fear. It’s a combination of always showing the wicked teeth and knowing it attacks in murky waters, silently, stealthily, deadly. I am comfortable in shallow water but now when I must swim for any period of time. Knowing those teeth are lurking in…

Jaguar Spots

The Jaguar is the apex predator in Central America. According to one of our guides, there is no known record of a jaguar attacking a human. He regaled us with stories of human/jaguar encounters that were thrilling and benign and painted the jaguar is little more than a large house cat. His stories did not…

Blue Eye Cougar

Until I took this photo, I never realized cougars had blue tinted eyes. I always imagined the vertical black slits of a house cat and nothing else. Then I’m much more a dog than a cat person. This was a magnificent beast moving so gracefully, so silently, a highly refined predator.

Monkey Business

More than most animals, I love encountering monkey’s especially in the wild even if that wild is a not so wild temple in Sri Lanka or India. The symmetry to our faces, our entire bodies, helps me see myself in their being. Plus their antics remind me of my younger days. This affinity makes me wonder…

Purple White Flower

The plant life around the jungle cabana’s is designed by the owner’s wife, a botanist. There were many beautiful flowers gracing the grounds and a hut where rare plants are cultivated. This was one of my favorite flowers.