It Felt Like Magic

We were walking through the narrow streets of Fez when hunger struck. I wondered where we would eat because the only food source I had seen were little stalls selling this and that. Our guide took us through a small door leading to a short passageway opening up into this magnificent and airy restaurant. The…

Open Market

Are big box stores a US phenomena? I don’t recall seeing a Walmart in any other country I have visited. Of course, I don’t look for US conveniences when visiting other countries. I like to immerse myself in the lives of locals. I find it is the best way to modify one’s view on life.

Boys Will Be Boys

Not sure if these boys were on the way to market with the carted wares and taking time to smoke cigarettes and lolly gag or were selling goods for there were no customers about. I can say they picked a very nice corner in the narrow streets of Fez to hang out.

Skinny Street

This is the narrowest street in the labyrinth city of Fez. It’s in old Fez. New Fez has multilane highways. Walking through old Fez was an exercise of rat in a maze. Without a guide, it would have taken us weeks to see all we saw on our guided tour.

Monochrome Monday: Upside Down Puzzles

This man is assembling the pieces to an elaborately designed table, pieces with shape but no color. It’s being assembled upside down so the final surface is flat. The backside will be filled with an adhesive to fix the pieces in place. Only then is it turned over. Only then does the puzzle maker find out…

Pottery Artists

It seems all guided tours include a trip to a local shop selling authentic <you name it> at the best possible prices and most of the money goes to support the local artists. I believe a portion of the sales fall directly into the pockets of the guides. There is no denying beautiful wares are…