Monochrome Monday: Roman Dreamscape



Roman Dream Scape

In the days of film, I fancied myself an amateur photographer. It’s now the digital age of photography and I’m better at photography than I was in the digital age, but no longer think of myself as a photographer. I view myself as a Digital Artist. The base of my digital art is still my photographs, however, when a photo does not awe me in it’s entirety, I move to Photoshop or some other tools and refine the image. I may add color, drain color, fix blemishes or add details not in the original.

I liked the original of this photo because it triggered memories of my time in Morocco, I liked the Roman ruins we walked through, and it’s one of the few times my wife let me capture her in a photo. Still, I found the image itself rather bland, almost blah. So, I emulated Dracula and drained it of color, then played a few games with digital tools resulting in her and the pillars being ghosted.

It now feels dreamy like my memories of Morocco which seem to be a dream.

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