White Death



Looking at this trumpet-shaped, white flower one does not see the demon inside. What is that demon? Death. The plant carries poison in the flower and the seeds. In  the Americas, it is known as Sacred Datura. The ancients figured out how to utilize the flower and seeds for medicinal and hallucinogenic purposes. Link

In the beliefs of the Huichol people of Mexico, for example, Sacred Datura exists in the form of a deity, or god, called “Kieri Person,” Peter J. Furst said in his book Hallucinogens and Culture.  “With the enchanting music of his violin,” say the Huichols, “he lures the unwary and bids them taste of his leaves, his flowers, his roots, and his seeds.  But whoever obeys his wiles suffers insanity or death: people bewitched by Kieri will believe themselves to be birds, for example, able to fly from the highest rocks…”

Sacred Datura has played an important role as a medicine among the Indians of the desert, according to Furst.   For instance, it was made into a paste or ointment by the Zunis for use as a “pain killer in setting broken or dislocated bones, alleviating localized pain, and even relieving toothache.”  The plant could also, however, lead to problems such as mental disorientation, physical disabilities and heart attack.

Read more: http://www.desertusa.com/flowers/datura-jimson-weed.html#ixzz4QHCnVdpV

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