Monochrome Monday: If One is too Many, How About Four?



For most of my life, I have been told I was a handful. This not just my mom but from others with whom I have crossed paths (or swords), others I have exasperated time and again. I have always possessed a streak of rebellion that I was not good at suppressing. It came out before I was a teen when I went against my father and openly opposed the Vietnam debacle. I went against my parents when I vocalized against tricky Dick Nixon in favor of the Democratic candidates. I went against cultural norms when I married outside my race. I go against business norms when I refuse to accept maxim “it’s business not personal” believing any action involving persons is personal and the phrase is simply used to assuage the corrupt conscience of the business person focused more on money profit than human profit. I go against societal norms when I choose to embrace my Muslim friends rather than demonize them for their religion. I have rebelled in ways I won’t mention for fear the statute of limitations has yet to expire.

I wonder how my parents would have handled four of me?


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