Tea and Cigarettes

Tea and Cigarettes

Tea and Cigarettes

When I was young, my parents would sit out on our front porch after dark and after the time the mosquitoes went to sleep. Neighbors would wander on by to sit and chat for hours on end. We were a more gregarious people in those days. In modern times, it feels those of us in the West in the big cities have chosen to immerse in our own little worlds created a wall of isolation between us and our next door neighbors.

Here, in Rabat, and throughout Morocco, I found people sitting drinking mint tea, smoking cigarettes, deeply engaged with their fellow humans. My wife and I took breaks from our wanderings and, as the locals, sat in these outdoor cafe’s, drank mint tea, watched the locals, and engaged in our own deep conversations. I felt these interludes tighten the connection between our hearts and souls.

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