Remembering Insanity

Remembering Insanity

Remembering Insanity

The fact that we need to create this type of memorial is a sad reflection on American society. These people were killed by a heart filled with hate. America is supposed to be a melting pot. It is one of the aspects of this country we were to take pride in when I was in elementary school. Peoples from all over coming to this country and being accepted by the populace. But, that truth, I later learned is a lie. It’s one of the lies we tell ourselves to makes us feel good about ourselves.

Every people who came here en masses faced discrimination. Be it the Germans or the Irish in the 1800s or the Mexicans and Muslims today. At the massacre in Florida, it was discrimination against LGBTQ.

Will America ever live up to it’s ideals that All Men Are Created Equal?

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