Terracotta Soldier #1

Terracotta Soldiers

Terracotta Soldiers

When I was visiting Thailand, I went to a Chinese temple where a couple of the famed Terracotta Soldiers were on loan. I was ecstatic because one of my dreams is to visit China and see the Terracotta Army. These were displayed behind glass and roped off so I could only see them and not smell their essence.

One fine morning in Chicago, I found six replicas on display at the Daley Center plaza. They drew quite a bit of attention from passersby many stopping for photo opportunities. The second day, I returned with my mirrorless camera and snapped a bunch of photos. I looked at them that night. For the most part, I was not happy with the outcome.

I brought my DSLR camera and specialized lenses the next day only to find they were gone.

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