Monochrome Monday: No Alcohol Allowed

No Alcohol Allowed

No Alcohol Allowed

Alcohol is banned from Chicago parks. Banned, that is, unless it is the city itself selling/serving beer and wine at vastly inflated prices. Sometimes, it’s good being the king. Prohibition did not work during the 1920s and early 1930s. Prohibition has never worked so it’s silly to even try. About the only groups to benefit of prohibition is prisons which hold way too many people convicted fpr committing crimes without a victim and the drug lords who get rich supplying controlled substances at vastly inflated prices.  The government would be better off legalizing and taxing prohibited substances. Denver has legalized marijuana and is experiencing a huge surplus of money which is being used to benefit all.

What has the ban on alcohol stopped its use in the parks? Nope. Alcohol use has been forced it underground. People hide it in drinks or drink in surreptitiously. People get what people want. And no laws are going to prevent them getting what they want.


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