The Flitting Butterfly

The Flitting Butterfly

The Flitting Butterfly

This woman seemed to have trouble sitting still. She prayed a bit then bounced around the area before coming back again. She was aggressive in her quest to gather fallen Bodhi Tree leaves pouncing on them as soon as they hit the ground and stuffed them into her bag. I didn’t bother attempting to pick one up until she left the area. I was thankful that she took a few minutes to pray enabling me to capture this photo. She is kneeling in her prayer/meditation. It’s another position my body can’t take without a high level of pain. It seems, physically, I’m not cut out to be a Buddhist.

One thought on “The Flitting Butterfly

  1. The reason behind that painless posture is the peace of mind. This is called Vajrasana in Yoga. It is quite foot numbing. But when you drag your attention away from the pain and towards the centre of your forehead, you will see all the pain going away!

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