Monochrome Monday: May I Practice My English?

Guide & Enrique @ Bodh Gaya

Guide & Enrique @ Bodh Gaya

My friend, Enrique, and I encountered this young man in the Buddhist robe upon entering Bodh Gaya. We told him we didn’t need a guide. We had already turned down a couple guides. His response, “I don’t want any money. I just want to practice my English with Americans.” So, we let him be our guide and he did enlighten us as to some of what we were seeing. And he found a couple of fallen Bodhi leaves for me (picking from the tree is prohibited while collecting the fallen is allowed.

As we were leaving, he did ask for some money (surprise, surprise). He said he needed it for school books. This tugged at my heart strings and we both tipped him. A bit later while walking around the town, we saw him buying ice cream from a vendor. I guess he needed some physical sustenance along with the books for mental sustenance.

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