Cluster Flowers


Sitting in front of a bed of blooming flowers is aesthetically pleasing. The mixture of colors on green stalks is mesmerizing. I have tried in vain to take a picture of a flower cluster than I find appealing. It seems I can never create a composition that approximates the awe I feel when observing such natural beauty.

This picture felt drab to me until I ran it through a Georgia O’keeffe filter in Photoshop. The lines became more sinuous, almost sensuous. For me, it still doesn’t capture the awe I felt when looking at them but it’s a picture I feel moves in the right direction.



3 thoughts on “Cluster Flowers

  1. How intriguing, I wouldn’t have realized this was done in photoshop.

    I think the issue with the clumps of flowers, I think, are the patches of dirt, which seem much more pronounced in the photo than they are with your eyes. I think we filter them in our heads, which makes the view more lush.

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