And They Called It Kitty Love

Kitty Love

Kitty Love

These are Clouded Leopards at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. We were treated to an act of animal loving. The female crawled under the male and they did their best to start the procreation process.

I have an internal conflict with zoos. On the one hand, I enjoy being able to see exotic wildlife up close and personal. On the other, I struggle with the morality of imprisoning animals. Yes, they get fed and cared for and tend to live longer in captivity but who among us would trade our perilous freedom to roam the wild streets of our cities for risk free incarceration no matter how much they prettied up our cells?  I understand it’s important to maintain the DNA of endangered species and, if possible, reintroduce the next generation into the wild but that doesn’t justify imprisoning those that are not endangered.


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