Starry Starry Arch

Delicate Arch w/Stylized Sky

Delicate Arch w/Stylized Sky

Magical is the only way I can describe the feeling when I am in the presence of Delicate Arch. Standing at the base of this massive sandstone arch almost feels as if I am at the foot of a deity. She feels immortal, primordial, eternal, majestic. I have taken hundreds of her portraits from every possible angle and at various hours of the day. I have seen hundreds more. It is not possible to capture the essence of this being in a photo. The most a two dimensional portrayal can do is allude at her glory, hint at her magnificence. So, I manipulated the background of my original photo to create a multi colored halo, a polychromatic aura, a psychedelic radiance in the hopes the entire image will invoke awe in the viewer and thus whisper of her stunning beauty.


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