Monochrome Monday: Odd Girl Out

Odd Girl Out

Odd Girl Out

This picture makes me feel sad. It makes me think of the teenage movies where the group of ‘popular’ girls went out of their way to exclude the girls not in the popular group. I don’t know if the three standing even knew the one sitting girl. I doubt they did for that side of the pool had optimal sun exposure and many people were laying side by side soaking in the Indian sun.

I detest when people exclude others. This probably goes back to my youth when my mom required us to let anyone that ventured into our yard to be included in our games. We were never allowed to call the games we played as closed to new participants.

I have carried this sense of inclusion into my adulthood. On the job, I try to find the best place for everyone on the team to participate to the best of their ability. In this day of political rhetoric that would see the US exclude people based on place of origin or their faith, I find myself speaking out for inclusion. Yes, some of the included my cause harm. Statistics have proved those are few and far between. We are many times more likely to be killed by someone texting while driving than we are by an immigrant. There is far greater benefit to society, to humanity as a whole to be inclusive, to open our doors and welcome all, to open our hearts to those that are different even if our hearts stand a chance of being trampled.

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