Sri Lankan Painted Beauty

Sigiriya Beauty

Sigiriya Beauty

I went to Sri Lanka on a whim for an extended weekend while I lived in India. It turned out to be on of the best travel decisions I made while living in India. Sri Lanka is a gorgeous Island South of India in the Indian Ocean. It’s a place rich with history and features significantly in the Hindu religion. Looking  back, I wish I had spent a lot more time in the country. The one draw back was the high humidity which made everything in my hotel feel damp. Following my whim opened the door to many amazing sites. A fresco wall of lovely ladies was one of those amazing sites.

This lovely lady, the last of the pictures I took of the Sri Lankan Painted Beauties while walking the 1200 steps to get to the top of Lion’s Rock. The view of her and her compatriots required a side trek up an enclosed spiral staircase. It’s believed there were once about 500 of these painted ladies. Today, a scant few remain. This is a location I could have spent the better part of the day admiring, imagining stories for the lovelies. Were they royalty? Were they slaves? Were they really that large breasted? Did they go around topless in society or are the images the fantasy of a long dead artist?



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