Monochrome Monday: Prostrate Worship

Prostrate Worship

Prostrate Worship

I frequently think back to my time in Kathmandu and find myself wishing I could return. My trip was pre 2015 earthquake which devastated parts of the city including some of the ancient monuments. The Boudanath Stupa, the world’s largest and holiest Tibetan Buddhist Stupa, was one of the places that suffered significant damage.

When I was there, I shared the compound with hundreds and hundreds of worshippers. This woman lying prone was one of a row of Buddhists worshiping in a similar style. The started standing up then squatted, placed their hands onto a pair of cloth hand protectors, then slid into this prone position, slid back to a squat and returned to a standing position. This they did repeatedly.  I didn’t count but my guess is they did it 108 times, a sacred number in Buddhism.


he world’s largest & holiest Buddhist stupa,

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