Puppy Love

Man With Dogs

Man With Dogs

Americans have a love affair with her pets spending close to $60 billion annually. The dogs are pampered with warm beds, gourmet dog foods, doggy day spas, doggy mental health professionals, and like these two comfy, if silly looking, sweaters. Is he going in for a kiss????

Dogs and man became friends, it is believed, thanks to mutually beneficial actions – they exploited each other. The dogs with their superior senses of sight and smell alerted early man of approaching danger. Man would feed dogs (or allow them to gobble down scraps) to keep them close as a reward for the early alarm system. Over the millennia, this relationship has prospered. In current times, dogs are companions that love humans unconditionally and humans are companions that love their dogs unconditionally.

Sometimes I wonder if the dog is the human’s pet or the human is the dog’s pet.


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