Contemplating Dry Paint

Contemplating Van Gogh

Contemplating Van Gogh

Growing up, art for art’s sake was not something I or my family valued. It was no where to be found in our lexicon.. I had a brother that could draw well and another that played the guitar but, as a whole, art was not something we as a family put much emphasis upon. We lived more practically pursuing math and sciences in our education. As kids, we were primarily athletic oriented in our pursuits moving from sport to sport dreaming we were Bobby Orr, Fergie Jenkins, Bjorn Borg, or Doctor J. depending upon the current season. Never did I aspire to be Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo or Ansel Adams or Auguste Rodin or Georgia O’Keefe or Maya Angelou. The only art medium which interested me was Rock music and that, not from a perspective of art, but because the musicians were rich, famous, and prolific with the women.

My view of art first changed with visual media around the time I took up photography. I have also dabbled in painting with acrylics but that was mainly to try and transfer my pictures into a different medium. Along with photography came the written word which has been on of my more satisfying artistic expressions. These days, I like combing photographs with the written word and, as in the case of this photo, enhancing photos with a touch of Photoshop.

Something I plan to try is to print my photos then judiciously apply acrylic paints to accent the image. I used to do this on my neckties but stopped doing this when I stopped wearing ties to work.


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