Faces in the Crowd #2

Face in the Crowd

Face in the Crowd

I am grateful I have a zoom lens for my camera as it enabled me to capture this curly haired gentleman from across the street. He was in the middle of the protest while I watched from the sidelines. (My choice to be on the sidelines instead of making my voice heard is a blog for another time.) The aspect of street photography I really like is capturing the human animal in the wild instead of in a contrived (posed) situation.

There is a theory that states: The mere act of observation can completely change the outcome of an event. I think I was far enough away to not affect this man’s actions but was my being near the group of protesters impetus for them to protest with more vehemence?

One thought on “Faces in the Crowd #2

  1. Sounds like quantum theory to me, but you are right there are no protests in the desert or on the lonely shore.
    Hopefully the lone photographer is in these quiet spots to remind us they exist.

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