Bicycles & Trains

The public transit in Chicago is bicycle friendly. One can pretty much reach any place in the city relatively quickly by combining cycling to the train and training close to the final destination then cycling the final distance. I don’t see many people combining the two still it’s nice to know that, if I wanted…


I noticed water dripping to the ground then followed the ropes with my eyes way up into the sky where I caught a glimpse of the four specs, four window washers. I’m not generally afraid of heights when I am behind a window or a sturdy railing. Still, there is no way I would dangle…

Protest #11 – The Rev

No Chicago protest would be complete without Jesse Jackson. He has been involved with civil rights since the 1960s and, I heard, he was one of the organizers of this shin dig. He is both adored and reviled by Chicagoans. This division is most prominent along socio economic lines.

Protest #10 – Guy Fawkes

The Guy Fawkes mask is a symbol used to to protest against tyranny. Not coincidentally, I’m sure, the protest was against tyranny. It was against what the people saw as the tyranny of the police against the black man. It was kicked off by the killing of a 17 year old black man by a…

Protest #9 – No Violence

My favorite sign of the day was one carried a sentiment I think all could agree upon. It wasn’t about taking sides. There was no us / them. It carried a message the police and the protesters alike would say is their ultimate goal. The message was a simple, “No Violence”.