The Gyaling Players

The Gyaling Player

The Gyaling Player

It was my great fortune to be at the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu during a Buddhist ritual. I love watching religious rituals. These ritual are an intimate time between man and his creator. Buddhism doesn’t have a creator in the sense of a supreme being in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Not being a Buddhist, I can only assume the intimacy is spent with the mystical. While not in tune with the meaning behind the details of the rituals, they still evoke in me a sense of wonder, of awe. I get the same feeling walking into a modern church, sitting in the ancient abandoned cave churches sprinkled throughout Turkey, in the Mosques I also visited while in Turkey, in active Hindu temples, in the ancient Buddhist monuments in India. I also feel the same sense of wonder and awe sitting quietly in the red rocks in and around Moab Utah.

I feel its true what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.


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