The Ubiquitous TV

The Ubiquitous TV

The Ubiquitous TV

These days it is very difficult to escape from the noise of the TV. I went to my student lounge early on a Saturday morning and the TV, sensing my presence, turned on automatically. I couldn’t find a way to shut it up or shut it down. My wife and I go into restaurants, some fancy, and TVs are spewing. It seems there isn’t a bar in our part of the city that doesn’t have multiple TVs playing for the audience. The TV seen here faces the outside of the restaurant ensuring patrons can’t escape the continual onslaught of the idiot box. Can’t people just sit and communicate any more? If it’s not TVs isolating people, it’s mobile phones. I spent 18 months in India and never had a TV. And I never missed it. In the US, I can’t seem to escape it.


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