Cleaning Sand

Sand Cleaning

Sand Cleaning

Thankfully, Chicago takes care of her beaches. These tractors regularly comb the beaches ridding it of trash….ensuring it is pristine for the masses that seek refuge from the concrete jungle they call home. Sadly, this is not the case around the world.

In Chennai, India there is an 8.1 mile long natural beach on the Bay of Bengal called Marina Beach. It’s the 2nd largest natural beach in the world. It has the potential to be an amazing respite from the hubbub of the city. The beach is deep and the ocean is blue. Unfortunately, it is dirty, litter filled. I was afraid to remove my shoes and walk for fear of stepping on something that would damage my feet. And the beach stinks from the trash thrown about by locals without seeming to care that they are contributing to the demise of what could be the best beach in all of India.


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