Sun Kissed

Palm @ Sunset

Palm @ Sunset

One of the things I loved about the Philippines during my first visit was the multitude and glory of the sunrises and sunsets. On this trip, I was not so lucky. Because of the overcast skies, I only encountered one sunrise and one sunset. This sunset was on my last day in Leyte and my second to the last day in the Philippines.

I was sitting on the balcony of my hotel room, a room overlooking a large bay waiting for dinner later in the evening. It was me alone while my wife went shopping with some of her cousins. Sitting there in the heat, hearing the rumble of distant boats, I was hoping for a parting of the clouds and seeing a few rays of setting sun to bid me farewell.

It came but briefly. Luckily, these palm trees were directly between me and the sun kissed clouds.

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