Lovely Ladies

I love these ancient ladies painted on the side of a wall in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka. To me, they are mystery. What is their story? Were the princesses, commoners, servants, concubines? Were they friends, relations, master and servant, lovers? And were all the women back then well endowed?

Prayer Time

One of the things I liked about Bangkok was that the government set out idols so people could pray and the people prayed without fear of chastisement. This was in a plaza. There was a four faced idol I did not recognize and a Ganesh here for the locals to pray to. This surprised me…


This was taken at Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. It is a former palace with many courtyards, rooms, and doorways. We arrived fairly early in the day so had the place mostly to ourselves. It is so complex it would make a great place for an extended game of hide and seek.

The National Bird

The National bird of India is the Peacock. We saw quite a few of them in Jaipur and Madurai. This beauty was in the wilds of Jaipur. We saw him and others on the road to the otherworldly monkey temple. While at the palace in Jaipur, we saw the designs of the peacock painted on…