Sunset Over Pune

I spent 18 months in India and never had a good view of a sunset. I’m a sunset / sunrise chaser so it’s not like I didn’t try. I caught the occasional glimpse of orange between buildings when I drove home from work. But, where I lived, there were many tall buildings so I was…

Local Transportation

Growing up where I did in America, I was used to the moving around by automobile, bus, train, and, if my mom who was terrified of motorcycles was not aware, motorcycle. In many parts of the world, motorcycles are a primary mode of transport and have been adapted to operate as taxicabs do in the…

Clay Pot Percussion

One of the many concerts I attended in Pune featured musicians from the Southern part of the country. The South is differently culturally than the North including food, clothing, and musical instruments. This gentleman is playing the clay pot. It is quite literally a large clay pot. In his hands, it was also a lovely…

Gatita (Little Cat)

On the beach resort in the Philippines a little cat with a stub tail resided.  It quickly befriended my girlfriend who seems to attract cats. It was a bit ornery except when around her. When tossed a bit of food, it scared of dog with an intense his and a quick swipe of the paw.

Playing Holi

I must say my favorite India holiday was Holi, the festival of colors. It’s a time when the friendly Indians are even more friendly than normal. We found this group just outside our society (apartment complex). We added a few more colors to our already psychedelic bodies and posed for a few pictures.