Monochrome Monday: Priyanka & Pravina

Priyanka & Pravina

One of my favorite memories during my time in India was when I made a connection with some street kids including these two adorable little girls. The regulars at my coffee shop were four girls who were occasionally accompanied by others including a little boy. These two were the youngest of the bunch and I am guessing they were somewhere around 5 years old. They quickly learned I would not give them money. Instead, I would buy them biscuits (cookies) because those they could eat on the spot and not have to turn them over to the gang members that ‘managed’ the money the collected.

I started taking pictures of them which they loved seeing on my camera and my computer. During one trip back to the US, I had some of the pictures, color versions, printed and gave them as gifts which they seem to enjoy. I captured well over a 200 pictures of the group and their friends.

For a long time, I found myself looking forward to seeing their bright eyes and smiling faces greet me when I popped over to the coffee shop. I was entertained at how they gave the forlorn look to others but most always smiled at me. Then, one day about a year into my stay, they disappeared. For the last 6 months, I looked for them frequently but never saw them again. Each day they were not there a felt a twinge of sadness nibbling at my heart.

The next series of pictures will be of my little friends.


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