Monochrome Monday: I Am Someone

Tagged Water Fountain

Tagged Water Fountain

Some graffiti is beautiful paintings, complex colorful murals on the canvas that is the concrete structures of the city adding beauty where once was boring, monochromatic man made structures. Other graffiti is simply constructed but harbors complex meanings, visual poetry. Objects are tagged with initials, names, declarations of unending love, symbols indicating which gangs laid claim to a certain plot of land.

The symbols in this photo were on a water fountain on the Eastern side of Humboldt Park and quite possibly indicate the gang which roams these wooded areas at night. (I assume night because I have never seen any gang activity during the daylight hours) To me, these seem to be shouts for attention: “Someone notice me“, “I exist”, “I am someone“, “Can anyone hear me?”, “I am human and I need to be loved!”

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