Monochrome Monday: Bangled Feet

Barefoot and Bangled

Barefoot and Bangled

At Mahabodhi, one is required take off shoes and walk barefoot although a few do wear socks and I have seen the rare slipper. Many Indian women wear bangles which add a touch of elegance to a foot. Toe rings are frequently common and I think they also denote marital status. I like how the lower leg is visible through the sheer fabric of the sari. It adds a hint of mystery.

2 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: Bangled Feet

  1. They are called Anklets usually made of silver. They are designed for feet so that they remove heat developed from one’s body caused after a hectic day. In the olden days, men also used to wear, but now only women continue that tradition. They enhance the beauty of an Indian woman.

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