Angry Monkey Eyes

Angry Monkey Eyes

Angry Monkey Eyes

In Jaipur, there is a neighborhood called Galta. Though both are home to copious numbers of rhesus macaque monkeys, it is not to be confused with the other worldly Galta Monkey Temple. The neighborhood of Galta is just off a main road. As soon as one enters, a slew of monkeys, pigs, goats, and cows seem to appear.

One of the cows, a white one, seemed to take umbrage with my attention on the monkeys. I know this because it lowered it’s head and tried to drive it’s horns through my body. Luckily, the horns were blunted, not pointy, and I had an instant to deflect some of the force of the blow with a hand pushing one of the horns to the side. Still my chest and armed suffered bruises round, one inch diameter bruises.

I should have know this would not be an entirely friendly place when, at the entrance, I encountered this monkey which glared at me with seemingly malicious intent.


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