The Snake Charmer

The Snake Charmer

The Snake Charmer

We heard the music careening off the walls of the amber fort and wafting over the walls where we stood near the top of the fort. It was a melodic song, a haunting melody that drew us to look over the edge of the fort wall into the walkways at it’s source. Like the cobra in the basket, we were drawn in, mesmerized.

I have been fascinated by snakes since my youth, snakes of all types. The harmless, the venomous. All those lithe bodies living life slithering on the ground, climbing the trees, snaking through the waters. Few intrigued me more than the cobras with their hoods and their ability to spit poison into the eyes of it’s victim.

We made our way down to the charmers, through the maze of walls and rooms that are the Amber fort. When we finally arrived, they were gone, the snake was gone. I was left wondering where the three had slithered off to hide. It seemed the snake charmer charmed us as much as the cobra in the basket.

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