Monochrome Monday: Khajuraho: Erotica

Khajuraho Erotics

Khajuraho Erotics

Erotic sculptures account for just 10% of the sculptures of the Khajuraho Temple Complex. However, they seem to account for close to half of my photos. The few I have posted are on the tamer side of the erotica spectrum. I find it interesting that, of the two people self stimulating, the man is watching the couple while the woman has her eyes averted. And again I wonder, what is the story behind the little woman in the lower left of the picture?

2 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: Khajuraho: Erotica

  1. This is great. I traveled in India a few years ago, and these sculptures were amazing. I’m not sure if Hampi is related to the Khajuraho complex, but they have very similar sculpture styles and subject matter.

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