Khajuraho: Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra Carvings

Kama Sutra Carvings

I have read that when Westerners first encountered carvings like the ones in Khajuraho after hacking through thick jungles, their Christian sensibilities were so offended that they wanted to destroy the ancient temples. Thankfully, reason prevailed and these magnificent works of art still exist to grace our world and give us a peek into the minds of our ancient ancestors.

Depending upon one’s perspective, these can be interpreted either as profane or as a depiction of the ultimate act of love between man and woman. If they offend then look away. Don’t assume you have the right to tell others what they may or may not view. Try instead to view the quality of the craftsmanship. Try instead to understand the beliefs of those that passed millennia before you were born. Try to have an open mind to understand the world instead of condemning it because it doesn’t conform with your narrow understanding of humanity.


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