Monochrome Monday: Faces of India

Islamic Gentleman

Muslim Gentleman

India is a land of many religions which, for the most part, exist in harmony. This man wears the taqiyah, the traditional Muslim hat, along with a beard of appropriate length for his belief system. In my opinion, the ability of religions to coexist in harmony is a strength of this vast and diverse country.

I wish my own country could see beyond their prejudices and embrace the diversity rather than marginalize anything that is not Christian in orientation. One does not have to agree to try and understand another human being. Understanding is a virtue of the strong. Exclusion is a hobgoblin that signals weakness.


7 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: Faces of India

  1. Thank you for your statement that for the most part we live in harmony! It is so true but unfortunately rarely displayed this way through popular forms of worldwide media. Thank you so much!!!

    • mpsharmaauthor,

      You are welcome. I have been living in Pune now for 18 months. It’s amazing what one can understand if one listens with the heart.


      • I absolutely agree, often the best thing you can do for yourself is to open you heart and free it from judgment and preconceived notions, the truth is a lot easier to find that way!

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