Monochrome Monday: Sunset

Blue Sunrise

Blue Sunset

Some people see the world in black and white, wrong and right, evil and good, yin-yang, their view is the only possible correct view. They are monochromatic in their thinking. While I have a good deal of respect for principled people, I have a difficult time with those who never try to see the space between yin and yang, to understand the subtleties that make humans a fascinating species full of potential. They can see neither the shades of falsehood hidden in truth nor the blush of truth living in falsehood.

It is in the sliver of space between yin-yang wherein lies all the colors of the rainbow, colors that give exquisite beauty to our vision, colors shading the spectrum of beliefs and ideals we humans hold dear, subtle colors of culture that add texture to the fabric of our lives, bold colors that change our understanding of what is humanly possible to achieve.

That sliver of space may be small but it holds the secret to the infinite dimensions of what it means to be fully human.


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